Adult Faith Formation

Young Adults Group

Young Adults ages 18-35 are invited to gather in Kenai at the log cabin every other Monday evening at 6:00 p.m.

Contact Daniel Cordes for more information.  [email protected]

Chatty Catholics

All families, all ages are invited for monthly fellowship.

Contact Patience Williams for more information. [email protected]  

Centering Prayer

presented by Meg Zerbinos

Centering Prayer is a form of Christian prayer rooted in the ancient Christian Contemplative Tradition.  It is a method of consenting to the presence and action of God in our lives. The fruit of this prayer is a growing sense of God leading us beyond anxiety into an inner stillness and peace, and outward in compassion and service. 

  • Workshops to teach the Centering Prayer method are offered annually. 
  • We have a group that meets for Centering Prayer on Monday mornings at 8:15 AM and another group that meets via zoom on Tuesday evenings. 
  • For more information, please call Meg Zerbinos, 398-4831.

Sunday Adult Faith Formation

Starting September 18th 2022 after mass to begin at 10:45 a.m.

We will be presenting a fantastic Bible study by the Saint Paul Center for Biblical Theology, led by Dr. Scott Hahn, a wonderful professor, theologian, and scholar, at Franciscan University. The Bible study is called "Genesis to Jesus" which goes through the Old Testament, to explain in clear language the salvation history. 

Here are the links

 Lesson 1:  Discover Your Place In the History of Salvation

Lesson 2 :  The Old and The New

Lesson 3:  Covenant With Creation

Lesson 4:   Fall From Grace

Lesson 5:  A New Begining

Lesson 6:  Our Father In Faith

Lesson 7:  From Egypt to Sinai

Lesson 8: Wandering in the Wilderness

Lesson 9: Rise of the Covenant Kingdom

Lesson 10: Features of the Kingdom

Lesson 11: New Moses New Covenant

Lesson 12: The Kingdom Transformed