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What did Vatican 2 really do?

Have you ever wondered why the Church called the Second Vatican Council? Why was reform necessary in the first place? Why did the Church abandon Latin and turn the altar around? And why is the music at mass different now? How many of the changes that took place were really called for by the Council?

Our parish will host a series of four talks on the Four Constitutional documents of the Second Vatican Council.

  • The first will be on April 18, when Fr. Whitney will give a presentation on the Council’s document on Sacred Scripture, Dei Verbum.
  • On April 25 Deacon David Carey will present on the Council’s documents on the mass, Sacrosanctum Concilium.
  • On May 2 Fr. Patrick will present on Lumen Gentium, the Council’s documents on the Church.
  • On May 9 Fr. Whitney will present on Gaudium et Spes, on the Church in today’s world.

Come learn about what really happened at Vatican 2 and why it happened.

Each presentation will take place in the church immediately following mass and will last approximately half an hour. All are welcome.

Fr. Patrick Brosamer

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Our Lady of Perpetual Help is the Catholic community and parish here in Soldotna, Alaska. Welcome to our webpage.

It has been a difficult year for us since March of last year as we have been scattered and separated. We Catholics worship primarily by gathering; being separated from the community has been a tremendous spiritual challenge and a burden for us all. But God is chastising us and challenging us to be strengthened in faith. It is through adversity that we grow in strength. Let us rise to the challenge.

We are slowly emerging from our Covid winter as cases continue to decrease throughout the state and the country. We have been in a state of hibernation, and it is time to begin waking up. Our parish has been scattered by the pandemic, with the community operating at a bare minimum: masses and faith formation classes. If we continue to be careful with mitigation measures, we will be able to open more up and more as spring approaches. We must be careful, but there is good reason to be optimistic about getting back to something like normal in coming months.

We will start offering an adult education class this Sunday February 14 on the Sacraments following the 9:30am Sunday mass. It is too early to predict what our Lent, Easter ministries and activities will look like; however, it looks promising.

We will continue to livestream our daily and Sunday masses on Facebook. If any of you who are homebound or otherwise away from the parish wish to receive the Eucharist or the other Sacraments please call us.

We look forward to returning to our familiar life of worshipping together. Until then let us be united through prayer for each other.

Fr. Patrick Brosamer
Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish, Soldotna, AK
Our Lady of the Angels Parish, Kenai, AK
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We are very pleased you wish to join our Catholic parish.  As a member of Our Lady of Perpetual Help you are assured of our prayers and our support.  Our parish has been encouraging stewardship.  God has gifted each of us and He wants us to share those gifts with others.  In gratitude for all God's love and goodness, we try to share our time, talent and treasure with our families, our church and our community.  And Jesus calls us to reach out across the world.  How is God calling you to share your gifts?  We should ask ourselves this question each day.  Please help us to get to know you as you get to know us by becoming involved in your new parish.

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